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Summer #BlogChallenge #3 15 interesting facts about myself

Going Green with the Grizls
Hmmm...15 interesting facts about yourself....this one is going to be a hard one.  Hoping I can come up with 15...not sure how interesting the facts will be, but here we go!

1.  I was in the United States Navy for 7 years.  I was in Hong Kong for Christmas when the 2004 Tsunami hit Indonesia.  We left Hong Kong and headed straight to Indonesia, and our ship was the first on scene to provide support in Operation Unified Assistance.  We spent a month off the coast of Sumatra, providing support and relief.  I will never forget the things that I saw while I was there

2.  My husband and I met online while playing EverQuest an MMORPG (multi massive online role playing game).  Yes we are gaming nerds....we eventually moved on to WoW together.  Now all of our characters are retired, after I had our son it was just too much trying to balance game life and real life and we felt real life was more important.  We were not casual players, we were pretty hard core, and that type of gaming required too much time.

3.  I am an extreme couponer.  Not like the TLC show Extreme Couponing....but I do have a stockpile.  I have a family of 6, so every little bit helps.  I have to say....I love my stockpile, it does give me a lot of pride when I look at it.  I can't wait for it to grow even bigger LOL.

4.  I have 12 tattoos.  I already know what I want my next 4 to be and where they will be, plus I am working on an idea for a half sleeve.  I even have a black light tattoo...it is my back piece and I got it done in Singapore.

5.  I was in the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Nov 1994, my Junior year of High School.  I was on the Flag team with my marching band (but I also play the flute!)

6.  I have been friends with my best friend for almost 19 years (August will be 19 years).  We've been friends longer then we haven't been friends lol.

7.  I LOVE to cook.  Seriously, the only thing I don't like is cleaning the dishes afterwards LOL.  At one point, when I first got out of the Navy, I looked into going to culinary school.  We are one of those families that has the stay at home mom who makes home cooked meals for her family almost every single night.

8.  When I was 19 I was a telemarkter.  Yep, I was on of 'them'.  I have a lot more respect for telemarkter's now.  Luckily I was not one who tried to sell people stuff...I worked for a discount travel company and I set up appointments for people to come in and see what the program was about (worked a lot like a timeshare, you got a free vacation for going to the presentation).  I still dealt with some of the rudest people ever....you learn very quickly how to read a person.  No matter what my script said, or what my numbers looked like, I knew that if a person said no in a certain way, they meant it.  I was one of the rare, non-pushy ones LOL.

9.  I am a cloth diapering momma....but only of baby #4 LOL.  Yeah I kind of jumped on that a bit late.  My older 2 are 12 and 10...back then cloth diapering was still like it was in my parents day and age.  The new style of cloth diapers were just starting.  I was in Navy, as was my husband, and it was just not something that even crossed my mind at the time.  With my 3rd....I thought about it, looked at G Diapers (but only looked at the flushable inserts).  Price wise the inserts were more expensive then diapers were until you got to size 3!  So I decided not to cloth diaper.  But with number 4, I was able to do a lot more research, I had more friends who used cloth diapers, and at 3 months old we made the switch, and I LOVE it!  Just wish I could buy more cute designs without hubby getting mad LOL.

10.  This is my 3rd marriage.  Yeppers, I have been divorced twice before.  My older 2 children are from my 2nd marriage.  They say 3rd time's the charm, and I gotta say, they are right.  My husband is my Anam Cara, my Soul Mate.  I don't regret my past marriages tho, they helped to make me who I am today, and are part of the reason I am where I am.

11.  I am GREAT about starting things, but horrible about keeping it up!  I start things all the time that I never finish through with, but I am trying to get better at finishing what I start!

12.  My dream job is being a Marine Biologist.  This has been my dream since middle school.  I have looked at other things, but I always keep coming back to this, it's what I truly want.  My schooling has been sporadic over the last few years, but once my youngest is in preschool (or Kinder) then I will finish my schooling.

13.  I am an Independent PartyLite Consultant.  I absolutely love their products.  I am not too active right now, because I have a lot of things going on with real life, but my website is always available for online purchases, and I am always available to answer questions.  You can visit my website at www.candledamsel.com

14.  I love all things crafty.  I love doing arts and crafts with my kids, or off by myself.  I think that is one reason I am so addicted to Pinterest, all the great craft ideas I can find (plus all the new recipes!!)

15.  I love photography too.  I would like to minor in photography when I go back to school.  I am a shutter bug, my husband makes fun of me because of all the pictures I take.  My older kids (especially my 12 yr old son) look at me and ask "seriously, you want to take our pictures again?"  I just recently got a DSLR, so I am excited to learn all the ins and outs of it.

Whew! That was way harder then I thought it would be!  But there you have it, 15 interesting (or at least different) things about me.  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Just visiting some of the bloggers from The Summer Blog Challenge. How could I resist a blog titled lovin life? Great post. Quite an experience you had the the Tsunami. So glad you found your soul mate. Good for you to have the Marine Biologist dream - minoring in photography sounds like a perfect combination. Fun reading your posts.