How I make money!

I participate on several different websites that help me to earn money from home.  Am I rolling in the dough? No.  But I make a nice little bit of extra money that I can put towards things.  Last year for our anniversary I got my husband the brand new Kindle Touch ($99 value) for FREE.  I didn't pay a single penny out of pocket, it was all from free amazon gift cards.  Some of these sites I could make more money then I am, But I am happy with what  make.  I don't spend all day on these sites, and you don't have to either.  I don't ever spend any of my own money out of pocket on these sites either.  I will post all my sites below and talk about them all a little bit.

My goal for this year (2012) is to get myself a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet for FREE.

UPDATE  They will be releasing the Tab 2 on May 13th......and I just pre-ordered it along with a 32gb micro SDHC card to go with it!!!  $421.98 all in gift cards/jing-it debit card...$0 out of pocket!!! Woo too!!!!

Want more information and updates on how I make money from home?  Check out my other blog


I love Swagbucks, they give you several different ways to earn swagbucks, which you can then redeem at the swagstore for different things.  I have another tab on here that goes into a lot more detail about swagbucks, so I won't go into too much detail here.  Last year I cashed out $95 in amazon giftcards.  My husband also has an account (you are allowed to have more then 1 account per household, but not per person).  He isn't nearly as active as me, and he didn't start until August when they changed the rules.  I already have another $20 in giftcards I can cash out.  To sign up, click any of the hyperlinks above, or use one of the referral codes below.  I will link mine and my hubbies, cause he can use referrals too 8)

Jing It

Now Jingit I really like, it is probably my favorite.  You get paid money to watch ads and then you can transfer the money directly onto a debit card that they give you.  I have earned probably close to $200 from them.  This week that just ended (9/22/12) I made $12 and my hubby made $10 (our maxes for the week),  that's an extra $22 for Christmas money!  Quick and easy way to earn money.  Anyone over the age of 13 with a Facebook in the US can join Jing-it!

This is another new one that I just started.  From what I can tell it basically works just like swagbucks, so pretty easy to use.  You can win from searching, playing games, tasks, etc. You can also get 5 pts every day just for visiting the offers page, and 1 pt every day just for visiting the video page.  I am really liking this one so far!  I have already done a couple of cash outs from them.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a newer site for meThey give you $5 just for signing up, which is pretty cool.  You do have to get to $30 in order to cash out, but it's not too hard to reach it.  They do surveys and offers.  They also send you 2-3 emails a day, the emails have offers in them, you can either do the offers or not do them, up to you, but my clicking on "confirm paid email" you earn 2 cents.  I know that's not much, but it adds up when you do 2-3 emails a day!  They also occasionally email you surveys to do, and you get paid for the surveys too, if you qualify.  I already have my first check for $35.29 on it's way to me, and another $7.55 already in my account.  Click the hyperlink, or my link below to get started!

The next several sites are all sites I have recently started.  I am earning money, but have not hit their payout lvls yet.  I got these from other bloggers or friends that I trust.


Do you Bing?  I'm sure you have heard of Bing...but did you know you can search and earn points with Bing everyday, along with other ways to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards and other things?  I just learned about this myself about 2 weeks ago, so now I Bing and you can too!  It's pretty easy, just click one of the hyperlinks, or my link below and get started.  they help you step by step through the whole thing and it is super easy to earn points!


Varolo also pays you for watching videos.  This one works a bit differently tho.  You absolutely do have to get referrals for this site to be really successful.  But how it works is, your referrals watch ads.  This earns you money.  BUT in order for you to cash out that money you. have to watch videos too.  If you watch 140 ads in a week you will earn the entire amount that the people under you earned for you.  I know it sounds a bit weird, but if you read their FAQ section and watch their video it explains it really well.  So while I watch my ads to earn the money my referrals earned, I am earning money for my sponsor too.  I can totally see how good this one can be, once you get referrals under you and they get referrals under them (you will earn money on up to 5 degrees of separation).  So I am hoping to get some more referrals here and see this one take off.  You can have more then 1 account per household, so hubby and I both have an account.  Feel free to use either referral link 8)

Well, those are the main ones.  I have 1 or 2 others that I am checking out (1 is a survey site) so I will add them later if they work out for me.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!  Have a great day!


  1. I'm glad you posted these. I always see your posts, but I'm reluctant to start new things like this. I joined Superpoints with your link, so that's a good start for me. I have 833 SwagBucks that I haven't redeemed yet. I don't earn many... I think I joined a couple months ago, but one of my coupon blogs has a SB101 page that I should check out. I know there are ways to earn more. I burn out easily on these. I used to do surveys but I get bored easily and then I just bog down my junk email addy.

  2. It sounds really interesting but I am worried about spam and viruses. Have you had any problems with these sites?

  3. Very cool. Some of these I knew about, some I didn't Thanks for sharing.