Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Savings!!

Here we are, another month later.  Let me tell you, I can NOT believe that it is June already?!  Where has the year gone?  It is just flying by, or so it seems.  I had some great savings again in May, so let's get to it!!


Yeah baby!  I am loving that number!!  You know what's even better?  I actually saved more money then that!  I have a few items I kept out of that number.  We also saved an additional $ booking and paying for our vacations hotel room early, and by ordering our Seaworld tickets early through a program my husband's work offers for discount tickets.  PLUS, I also saved $421.98 by using my gift cards and jing-it debit card to pay for my Samsung galaxy 10.1 tab2.  That was all money I earned from the sites that I do, I paid nothing out of pocket.  If I include those savings, then I actually saved $1,476.85 in the month of May!

I can't wait to see what the month of June will bring me.  I love adding the numbers up at the end of the month and seeing what I saved.

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  1. That is Fantastic!! New follower from the blog hop