Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are back home from our fabulous San Diego vacation.  I'm sorry I didn't post while I was gone.  I had every intention to try to post....but it seems I left the CORD for my tablet at home!  Go me, right?  I remembered the wall plug for it, and forgot the cord, so I couldn't charge my tablet.  Needless to say...all my games suffered too LOL.

I will do a longer post later and talk a bit about the vacation and what we did, and I'll include some pictures too (those are still on the camera!).  I just wanted to get a quick post in to let you know why I didn't post any while I was gone.

I am happy to say that we saved $367 on our vacation thanks to coupons!!  We belong to choice hotels, so by booking in advance, and paying in advance we got a lower hotel room rate.  Then we used coupons to save on our admissions to Seaworld, Legoland, the USS Midway, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Look for my posts about our vacation, and my May savings in the next few days!  We're getting ready to head out to my husband's works Spring Picnic, and that will take up the rest of the night.

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  1. Looking forward to the post about the vacation and the pictures!! Please link it on FB when you do, I'm on there more than I'm on here!