Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harry Potter

Yes, I am a Harry Potter fan, my whole family is. With the final movie coming out on July 15th I am re-reading all the books, and planning a Harry Potter movie marathon with the family. I'm currently on book 4.
My 9 year old daughter Jaidan just started reading the books about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I think it is awesome that she is reading them at only 9 years old. I was somewhere not at home and my husband sent me a text message about how my 9 and 11 yr olds were discussing how the movie and book 4 were different from each other (they were both reading book 4 at the time). I must say, that made me one proud momma lol. Austin is reading the books for a 2nd time himself. Yesterday Jaidan finished book 7 and asked to read my Beedle the bard book, which of course I said yes to. Today she was curled up on the couch reading a different book and I asked her what she was reading. She was reading book 1...again, she has already decided to re-read the books LOL.
We have seen all the movies together in the theater starting with book 4. Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 years since book 4 came out in the theaters! I'm VERY excited to see the final movie, but at the same time very sad to see it end knowing there won't be any more movies.

Well, that's all for now, I just wanted to write about what I have been doing the last week 8)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking it slow

Now that I have time to blog again, I am going to try to take it a bit slower. I got so caught up before with doing 2-3 blog hops a week and constantly having things for those hoppers to read. I need to take it slow and keep it fun for myself. I will do blog hops occasionally, but i'm not going to be as active as before. I just went blog crazy LOL. What can I say, blogging and following blogs is addictive 8)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been busy Lovin and Livin Life!!

Wow, I haven't blogged in a LONG time, and I am so sorry about that!! Life just kind of snuck up on me and things got a bit crazy around here! There is never a dull moment when you have 4 kids. I'll try to to just a quick recap of the last few months here, hopefully it won't be too long!


Not much happened here since my last blog. The only big thing is we bought a brand new car! I am the proud new owner of a brand spanking new 2001 Chevy Traverse! I have been drooling over this car since last year when we first got pregnant with Aislinn. I'm so happy I was able to get the car that I wanted. I love it.


This was a pretty hectic month. For starters Josh went out of town on business for a week in Temple, Texas. I must say, it sucks being away from my husband for a week, but it's his only business trip every year. I can't really complain about that. Being former military and having also been married to someone in the military I'll gladly take 1 week, once a year. At Aislinns weight check the week Josh was gone the dr said she wanted to admit Aislinn to the hospital. I got pretty hysterical on her, there was no way I could do that. I wasn't about to leave my baby at the hospital by herself all day and night, and I couldn't keep all the kids with me. She agreed to wait til the following week when Josh got back.
Even tho Aislinn had some pretty decent weight gain between her appts, the following week her dr still insisted on admitting her to the hospital. The Kaiser hospital is about a 30-45 min drive from our house. Josh met up with me for lunch by the hospital and then we headed in. We had to do a minimum 72 hour stay, and instead of breastfeeding I had to pump and give it to her in a bottle. They weighed her every morning and kept track of how much she ate at every single feeding. They did a bunch of blood work and even a chest X-ray to check the size of her heart because they heard a slight murmur. She was put on a 4 hour schedule, so I would feed her the bottle of breastmilk, then the 5oz's of formula (mixed to 24 calorie) and then I would pump. Needless to say, by day 3 I was one tired momma. Josh stayed home with the kids, got the older 2 off to school every day, brought Riley to visit me for lunch every day, and cooked dinner even at home for the kids, he was truly amazing. After 72 hours they let us take her home. Final result....she's just small, and needs extra calories for whatever reason.

While we were at the hospital my brand new car was parked in their parking garage. Didn't move for 3 days. Some rude idiot (i am being polite here LOL) hit my car, dented the door and scrapped the paint off. I was SO mad. Luckily our insurance fixed it for us, but we had to pay a $500 deductible, which sucked, but was better then paying the whole thing. We filed a report with Kaiser and a hit and run report with the Fontana police department.


Hmmm, trying to remember what went on here. Both kids had projects for school. Jaidan had an animal project, she picked the common bottle nose dolphin. Dolphins are my favorite animal, so it was kind of neat to see her pick that animal without any influence from me. She had already picked her animal by time I found out about the project. Austin had to do a wax museum project about a person who influenced our history. He picked William Clark the explorer, from the Lewis and Clark expedition. We are related to William Clark on my dad's side of the family. I am 8th generation, so my kids are 9th generation. It was kinda crazy, Austin was printing out a picture of him and I looked over and realized...I have William Clarks nose! It's not a great nose (believe me lol) but it was kinda crazy to see that, especially with the huge generational gap.
Both Riley and Aislinn came down with pneumonia. That was not fun at all, I also had an upper respiratory infection at the same time. 2 weeks after Aislinn had pneumonia we had her 6 month well baby check. She gained a pound in just those 2 weeks! She was up to 10lbs 13.6ozs at her appt. Finally her dr has decided no more weight checks and said to just bring her back for her 9 month well baby check. Aislinn also started solids. I made some homemade sweet potatoes and she loved them. I'll post later about my baby food making adventures 8)


The first weekend of June I had a PartyLite booth at the Beaumont Cherry Festival with my friend Jenifer. The kids and Josh came out that Saturday and I got the older 2 the unlimited wristbands for the carnival rides. It was a pretty good weekend, but VERY tiring with all the hours we had to be there.
The kids were in school until June 9th. Jaidan will be going on to 4th grade, and Austin is now officially a middle school student. We went to his elementary school graduation, and I was a good girl, I didn't cry! Tho I did come very close a few times lol. I can't believe my baby boy is in middle school, it feels like just yesterday he was going to school for the first time.
The week after school got out, we told the kids we were going to go see our friend Jill in Irvine. Little did they know when we got up at the butt crack of dawn on Monday morning that we were actually headed to Disneyland! We surprised the kids with 4 day hopper tickets to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. We had a blast and had plenty of time to dedicate the last day to re-riding some of our favorite rides at both parks. It was also very tiring, but oh so worth it! I could really go on and on about Disney, maybe I will do a different post about it 8).
While we were at Disney a fire was raging outside of my hometown of Sierra Vista, AZ. Not sure how many of you have heard of it, it is the Monument Fire. It was very scary. I kept getting texts and calls from my mom and I was trying to follow it online. The friday after Disney my mom had to officially evacuate her home. Things got a bit crazy and a 2nd fire started on base and was heading into town, but they got that one contained. That Sunday, on Father's Day, the fire jumped the fire line and it went crazy. A very popular local restaurant was burned to the ground. At one point the fire jumped the highway. Before that it had been on the opposite side of the highway from my mom. The fire got within 1 block of my mom's house, but thanks to the wonderful firefighters they were able to stop the fire from jumping the road into her neighborhood. It was very heart wrenching to listen to the fire scanner and read online what was happening. Things died down after Sunday and have gotten much better in the last week, the last I heard the fire was 85% contained. So far I do have at least 1 friend who has lost their home.

Well there you have it, the last 3 months in a nutshell. I tried to keep it from getting too long. I hope to be blogging more now that summer is here and I should have a bit more time. I may not blog as much as before, but I will try very hard to stick around a bit more, I have missed blogging 8)