Friday, December 2, 2011

November Savings!!

That's right folks!  I saved $1,216.66 in November!!!  Now I know that is a big number (I am doing a happy dance over that huge number!)  BUT I did 95% of my Christmas shopping in November, so I know I won't see savings that big again until maybe this time next year.  I know this number is not the norm for me. 

This is my savings from watching sales, shopping for deals, and using my coupons.  Being a smart and savvy shopper.  Not only did I save that much money, but I got 10 (TEN!) Christmas presents for my family for FREE!  The total value of those 10 presents was $211.99 (pre tax).  That is pretty amazing to me!  I also got numerous other items for free, but I only figured out the Christmas presents, there were too many other items to count.  Plus I also made a food donation to a local shelter 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, I used coupons to buy (and get free items) to donate.

At the end of the month I also have $30 in mail in rebates that are coming to me, and I still have a $15 Toys R Us and a $10 Target gift card in my pocession, that I got for FREE!  I am excited to see what I save in December!!