Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Savings/spendings

I can't believe it is March already!!  My oldest daughter turns 11 this month, so it's a big month for us!  Because it's March, that means it is time to share our February savings and spendings!!  We had a great month!

In February I spent $259.06 ($274.63 after taxes) and saved $720.24, a savings of 73.55%!

That is less then $50 a person in a family of 6, AND I bought items for the express purpose of donating it too!  I am pretty darn happy with our spendings and savings this month!  I can't wait to see what march will bring, especially with the planning of a birthday party!

Weekly update, Week 9

Here we are, up to date with the week that ended yesterday!  Again, part of this week included Harris Teeter's super doubles (and I am super excited to have super doubles starting again this Weds!!!)

Week 9 I spent $72.50 ($77.84 after tax) and saved $229.08, a savings of 75.96%!

I found some great deals at the drug stores this week too!

Weekly update, Week 8

Here we go with week 8!!  Part of week 8 included super doubles at Harris Teeter, so I bought a lot of sale stuff!!

Week 8, I spent $47.82 ($51.63 after taxes) and saved $174.79 a savings of 78.52%!

Just a few pictures of everything I bought that week!

Weekly update, Week 7

Ok, I know I am a bit behind!  But I kept all my receipts, entered them into excel, and here we are!

Week 7, I spent $96.75 ($101.71 after tax) and saved $213.62, a savings of 68.83%

Yes, we stocked up on fruit snacks!  We were down to about 3 boxes, which is way to low!  We go through a box a week, easily.  I also bought a bunch of Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker potatoes, all of which got donated to Hope Station, a local place that provides food to families in need, and a homeless shelter form men at night.