Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge #2 Post a picture of myself smiling

This was a lot harder to do then I thought it would be!  I am the photographer in the family, 95% of the pictures with me in it is because I tell my hubby to take the picture lol.  This picture is from Feb!!  We were in LA at Club Nokia seeing The Fresh Beats Band with Riley and Aislinn.  I of course had to have my picture taken with the Lucky Strike Bowling Pin as we were leaving.  So here you go, a picture of me smiling 8)

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  1. Hi Nora! This is Sara-Jayne following from the Summer Challenge (Keep Up With The Jones Family) :) I love that you have the same problem as me with being the main photographer! I was beginning to think that when my children look back they'll wonder where I was in their lives! I am exactly the same, I generally have to say, "Er, can you take a photo with me in it please?" to my husband and for some reason I feel like such a fool saying it, LOL.

    Anyway, love your smiling picture, especially as you have a little one in your carrier! So cute!