Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ireland Bound!

First a bit of background.  When my husband and I got married I was looking at us going to Ireland for our honeymoon.  I did a TON of research and it wasn't really that much more expensive to go to Ireland over Hawaii, so why not?!  But after paying for the wedding we just couldn't afford it, so instead we had a phenomenal honeymoon in San Fransisco, a place we had both always wanted to go to.  Back then I told him that I would like to try to go to Ireland for our 5 year anniversary.

A few weeks ago I reminded my husband about wanting to go to Ireland next year for our 5 yr wedding anniversary.  October 13, 2012 will be 5 years.  He said I could look into it and start planning, but he wasn't making any promises.  I was totally fine with that, because if I could budget it well, I knew he'd say yes.  I've been researching, and bookmarking stuff.  I'm going to Arizona over Labor day weekend and was going to tell my best friend what I was planning.  I called her yesterday to chit chat and she asks me if my brother had said anything to me about the rave in Dublin the 2 of them are going to go on, which he hadn't.  So she drops the bomb that she is planning a family vacation to Ireland in the summer of 2013.  So of course I dropped my bomb about 2012.  Needless to say being best friends one thing led to another and we hung up with me saying I was going to talk to Josh about postponing our trip til 2013 and all of us going together.  Which of course he said yes to, how awesome is my husband?

So, here we are, my best friend and I planning family trips to Ireland in the summer of 2013 together!!  Her two teenagers and my older two will be going with us, so 8 of us in total.  My 2 toddlers and her toddler twins will stay with family.  Now I am even more excited about going to Arizona over Labor day weekend!!

When my husband and I got married, we had a traditional ceremony, but because I am Wiccan, we also had a handfasting, which my best friend performed for us.  When we go to Ireland, she is going to renew our vows for us!! I am SO excited!!  Plus....August of 2013 will be 20 years since we became best friends!!  What a phenomenal way to celebrate our friendship!  I can not wait!

Erin Go Bragh!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alfredo Sauce

For dinner tonight we are having Chicken Helper (Hamburger Helper for chicken lol) Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. I L.O.V.E. Fettuccine Alfredo, but alas I do not know how to make it from scratch. I've tried a few different brands of bottled Alfredo sauces, made by some of the spaghetti sauce makers, but never found one that I liked. I know that if I did a google search there would be hundreds of recipes at my fingertips...but for something that could make or break your ENTIRE dinner, that's a pricey trial and error system to use LOL.

So, do any of you have a good Alfredo sauce recipe you would be willing to share with me? Or do I have to resort to trying who knows how many googled recipes lol.


I've updated a few things here on my blog. My 100+ book challenge is up to date. I've fallen behind a bit, but am hoping to catch back up, I am really hoping to hit that 100 book mark!

I've also updated my PartyLite tab. It has the current scent of the month, Halloween Night, Mmm! Plus the August host specials 8)

I've also updated my Superpoints post with 5 new, current links. The links are only good for 7 days before they expire, so I put all brand new ones up just now.

We bought Aislinn a new car seat this weekend. She now has a convertible car seat. She was just getting too heavy for me to carry around in her infant seat! We have her 9 month well baby check on the 23rd. Hopefully the drs will be happy with her weight. I really don't want to have to jump through more hoops with them!

Football and cheer practice is in full swing! Josh is an assistant coach this year. We should find out sometime this week which team Austin will be on (Division 1 or Division 2). Yesterday was their first day with all their gear on, so the first day they worked on hits. Jaidan is going to be the flyer for her cheer squad this year. She will be the person they pick up when they do stunts. Being small does have some perks 8) She is very excited!

Well, that's about it for now! Got a lot going on the next few weeks. Going to a Pampered Chef party this weekend, Hubbies birthday is next week, having a Tupperware party next week, then going to Arizona Labor day weekend to do a PartyLite show for my mom and to see my bestie and her twincredibles. Actually, I'm excited to see her whole family, plus I need some 'bestie' time with my bestie.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Thanks to Madame Deals I found a great site called superpoints! You get points for watching videos, doing offers (tons of free ones!) etc. It's a tiny bit like swagbucks, but not quite on as big a scale as swagbucks.
You get 5 points just for signing up. Then you get another 5 points when you fill out your profile. They have a 'lucky button' that you can push to try to earn points too! When you first sign up, it's only 5 pushes. But, once you fill out your profile it goes up to 30 pushes a day! So even if you don't want to watch videos or do offers you can just do your 30 free pushes a day and try to get points that way.
You join by invite only. It looks like when you invite someone, you get 25 points after they finish filling out their profile. So that's kinda cool! When you first sign up you can invite 2 people through links at a time, but once you fill out your profile you can invite up to 5 at a time. Only 1 person can use a link, so once that link is clicked it is dead. But then you can make a new link for someone else.
It seems pretty cool so far. I briefly looked through the rewards catalog, you can get gift cards (a $5 amazon gift card is 500 points, and they even have things like IPads, Ipods, kindle, etc. I see it as another great way to work on Christmas gifts, like I do with Swagbucks.
Wanna check it out? Here's my 5 links...if a link is dead, try another. I will try to keep the links updated. If you have a problem with the links, pls feel free to leave a comment and i will email you a link.

1. http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/cpvm5t
2. http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/lguynu
3. http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/rtem2b
4. http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/t1uu8h

Did you join? What do you think?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Are you ready for some football?!

Football season is rolling around again in our house. Today kicks off the first day of official practice. My oldest is playing Football, and my oldest daughter is doing Cheerleading. August is a busy month for football. It's 5 day a week practices! That's right, 5 days a week, Mon-Fri from 5:30-7:30. That's a lot of late night dinners! But I definitely get my monies worth out of my crock pot!

This year my hubby is going to be an assistant coach for Austin's team 8) He L-O-V-E-S football. Hopefully this means some good father-son bonding time for them. And just maybe, this year will teach Austin a bit of discipline....I can hope, right?

Of course, along with football season for the kids comes a cruel joke for mommy. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I can NOT stand the Washington Redskins. So of course, my son's team is the Redskins. The PASS Redskins, but still the Redskins. So now I have to cheer for the Redskins and wear shirts that say Redskins on them. A sad time in deed LOL. But I will do it for my kiddos 8)

Are your kids involved in any sports, or anything athletic?