Saturday, October 20, 2012


I just joined Plink at the end of September, and I must say I am loving it.  Like I said earlier in my Ebates post, I love getting rewarded for doing what I am already doing!  That is what Plink does.

Basically, when you join Plink you link either your debit card, or your credit card with Plink.  Then you pick what stores you want to add to your 'wallet'.  That's it, they do the rest for you!  Anytime you use your linked card at a place that you have in your wallet, you get points.  When you get to 500 points you can cash out.  Easy peasy.

Here is the list of places that are currently partnered with Plink:

Taco bell
Burger King
Dunkin Donuts
Outback Steakhouse
Red Robin
Regal Cinemas
Edwards Theaters
United Artist Theaters

At first you can add 3 places to your wallet, after you get someone to sign up under you, you can have up to 5 places in your wallet.  You can also switch them out, so for example, you don't have Outback in your wallet but you are going to go there for a special occasion, you can remove something from your wallet and add Outback.

Here is a list of places you can get a gift card to:

Tango Card
Facebook Credits

Now, these are just the $5 gift cards, they are also available in higher increments if you want to save your points.  They also have other gift cards available in higher increments, such as Barnes and Knobles $10 gift card for 1,000 points.

I have cashed out $20 in Amazon gift cards so far (all $5 increments).  In fact, the kids and I ate at Taco Bell earlier this week and my points just hit my account and it was enough to put me over to get a gift card, so I just cashed out one tonight.  They also send you your gift card immediately through email, so my card has already been added to my Amazon account.  With Taco Bell you get 70 points if you spend $5 and 140 points if you spend $15 or more.

They also reward you with 100 points for each person that you refer.

You can join me at Plink by clicking on the hyper link above, or my link down below.

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