Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have GOT to tell you about this great site that a friend of mine introduced me to.  It's called Ebates.  Ebates is partnered with a TON of stores, what they do is you log into ebates, select the store that you want to shop online with, and click the link to go to that stores website.  Depending on the store you are shopping at you can get anywhere from 1-25% of what you spend BACK.  Now...if you are going to order X item from Bed, Bath, and Beyond anyways, why not log in through ebates and get 1% back (yes Bed, Bath, and Beyond is on their HUGE list).  I know 1% back isn't much...but it all adds up.  When you reach $20 in your ebates account, they send you a check (or you can select to be paid via PayPal).

I don't know about you, but if someone is willing to give me back some of money, for buying what i was going to buy anyways, I am ALL for it!  When you sign up, you get to pick a $10 gift card out (I picked the Target one).  Once you make a purchase at one of the stores, while going through ebates, that is $25 or more, they send you the gift card for free.

I currently have $7.72 in my ebates account already!  I got 1% back when I ordered the LeapPad2 for Riley through  Then I got 2% back when I ordered a coat for Austin through Old Navy, and then, I got 7.5% back for ordering the kids costumes through Costume Express!!!  That was an exciting purchase, because I already buy their costumes from them online every year!!

With Christmas coming up, this is the perfect time to join ebates.  Especially for those of you who prefer to order online, rather then facing the crowds on Black Friday.  Not to mention all the awesome online deals you can find on Cyber Monday!  I love the idea of getting part of the money I spend back.

You can join by clicking the hyperlink above, or clicking my link below.

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