Monday, October 29, 2012

Drugstore Diva!

Well, I certainly felt like a Drugstore Diva yesterday!  All the new drug store ads come out on Sunday's.  I always try to hit them up on the first day of the ad to make sure I get the deals that I want.  Yesterday was one of my best days ever with the drugstores.  I went to all 3 of them CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens.  I spent a total of $13.61 (plus tax) and saved a total of $189.90, a savings of 93%!!  My most expensive stop was at Rite-Aid, where I stocked up on halloween candy to hand out, and gatorade for the family.

Rite Aid:

I spent $9.29, plus tax, saved $44.92, a savings of 83%  I also walked away with $15 in +Ups, an a$2 rebate.


I spent $1.98 plus tax, saved $$19.12 a savings of 91%.  I also got a $.50 RR.


Here I did 3 different trips....the first CVS I went to doesn't even carry children's vitamins, so I had to go to a second one.  Then after talking with a friend i had to go back to do another deal I had originally decided to pass on.  The first picture is my first 2 trips combined.

Trip 1 I got the 4 aveeno's, 1 nail polish (filler) and the big set of emery boards and 1 box of files.  I paid $.54 plus tax and saved $23.49.

Trip 2 I got the 2 gummy vitamins, 1 nail polish (filler) and the single file and the other box of files.  I paid 0, plus tax, and saved $23.49.

So, for the 2 trips together, I paid $.54, plus tax, saved $46.64, a savings of 99%!!  I also got $15 in ecb's!

Trip 3 to CVS, I spent $1.80 plus tax, saved $79.22, a savings of 98%!  Plus I got back $10 in ECB's and I mailed off a $15 rebate from P&G (yep, it's already in the mail!)

There you have it!  My Drugstore Diva shopping trips!  Here's a list of what I bought for $13.61.

1 Thermacare 
12 Gatorade's
4 bags Starburst
2 bags Jolly Ranchers
4 Advil PM's
4 2 liters of Dr. Pepper
1 bag fun sized Butterfingers
1 bag fun sized Nestle Crunch
4 Aveeno lotions
2 kids gummy vitamins
2 nail polishes
2 packs nail files
1 pack emery boards
1 nail file
4 Herbal Essence shampoos
4 Herbal Essence conditioners
2 Cover Girl lipsticks
8 Cover Girl eye shadows

That's a lot of stuff for so little!  I really do love my coupons!

Have you scored any great deals lately?


  1. After talking to a friend, huh? I wonder who that was? LOL! ;) It was too good of a deal to pass up on!

  2. Gee, I don't...I think her name was Heidi....LOL, yes it was!

  3. Ok, for some reason my post left out the word 'know' LOL