Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Progresso Kitchen Favorites

Progresso has come out with a new item called Progresso Kitchen Favorites.  They are found in the packaged dinner section of your local grocery store.  My Harris Teeter had a promo running last week where if you bought 2 you saved $3.  Well, I also had $.75 off of 1 coupons, that would double to $1.50 off.  They were $3.99 each, so $7.98 for 2, but with the promo and coupons I got them both for $1.98, which is great, because with a family of 6 we usually need 2 boxes for something like this!!  I bought 4 boxes total (went on 2 different days).  I bought the Chicken Marsala and the Basil Chicken.

I have to admit, when I took everything out of the box, I was worried that it wouldn't be enough for all of us (especially the pasta), but once it was all cooked it was more then enough!  The directions were very easy to follow.  It comes with the breading, seasoning mix, pasta, and the Marsala wine in the box, I just had to add chicken (and mushrooms, they are optional, but you have to have mushrooms with chicken marsala!).  It only took 20-30 minutes to cook the whole dinner.

I served it with broccoli and cheese on the side. (I know my veggie serving is small...but since I serve myself last I get what is left!).  I got the broccoli for only $.19 too!  It was $2.39 for 1, on sale for BOGO (buy one get one free).  The way Harris Teeter does their BOGO is they charge you half price for each item, so they were $1.19 each, then I had a $.50 off of 1 coupon, that doubled to $1 off, making it just $.19!!  SO I paid a total of $2.17 for the 2 Progresso boxes and the broccoli and cheese!

Dinner was delicious and everyone loved it...even my picky eaters!!!  I can't wait to try the Basil Chicken one now, especially now that I know 2 boxes will be enough for all of us.  Definitely something I will buy again, if I find another great deal on it!

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