Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Making a Blog is a lot of work! Well, I should say, making a blog the way I want it to be is a lot of work at least! I could have started my blog postings a few weeks ago, but alas, I wanted to have extra things, and they had to be set up just the way I wanted them before i was willing to share it. I had a few issues setting up my recipe's page the way I wanted to. In fact, after over a week of Google searching and looking at other peoples blogs, I finally gave up and called in the expert advice of my awesome brother. He likes to build websites, and play with codes, and all that fun stuff that I have no clue about LOL. Of course once he told me how to do it, I felt a bit blonde! It's so super easy to do!! So please, no need to read the postings prior to this, unless you want to! They are my recipe postings. But you can easily find all my recipe's in my recipes tab. All you have to do is click on the name of the recipe you'd like to read. No need to scroll through others to get to the one you want.

I use to blog over on Myspace, but I've been on Facebook for 2 years now and almost never log into my Myspace anymore. So here I am on blogger starting to blog again. I'm a busy mom of 4. I have kids homework and projects, My Gym for my toddler, errands, taking myself to the gym, and house work to do. In a few months there will be football and cheer practice for my older 2. I have a very full plate. So you may not hear from me every day, and if you do, they may be short blogs. But I will do my best to keep this updated since I am excited to be blogging again.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings 8)


  1. Blog looks awesome!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogger! I look forward to reading your ramblings! ;D

  2. Whoever that brother guy is of yours, he sounds pretty awesome indeed. ;) Good luck with your blog, Nora.

  3. LOVE IT! Can't wait to read more! :)

  4. Thanks Tena and Cari!

    Patrick...I would have to say, he is pretty awesomesauce!

  5. I'm glad to know some bloggers! This is my first blog...I've wanted to start one for years, but had no clue how or where to start. Other people motivate me...so I'm glad to have company in blogging!