Monday, February 21, 2011

3 months old already?!

Wow....has it really been 3 months already? It's hard to believe that my baby girl is 3 months old today. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the birthing center.

They really do grow up so fast. I always try to cherish every moment, but even more so with Aislinn since she is my last baby. There will be no more after her. All of her first's are also a last. Despite our issues with the doctors and her weight she is a happy, healthy baby girl. She smiles and coo's, screeches, and is on the verge of laughing. You can tell she's trying to laugh when she does it...but it's not quite there yet. She has already rolled over from her tummy to her back several times for me, but she has yet to do it for daddy LOL. She is my first baby to be a thumb sucker. As much as I hate thumb sucking...I must say she looks pretty cute doing it. I just hope it is something that we can easily break as she get's older. We got her ears pierced on Friday. They are a cute little butterfly in Topaz, her birthstone.

Aislinn has been sleeping through the night now for probably close to 8 weeks. She started very early, which is kind of nice considering Riley was 14 months old before he slept through the night every night. Because of this we are moving Aislinn to her crib in her own room today. We kept Riley in our room in his bassinet until he was 6 months old. There's really no need to keep her in our room with her sleeping through the night consistently. The whole point of that was to make breastfeeding easier on all of us. So this weekend Josh and I finally finished putting up the last of her wall decorations. Her room is all ready for her, we just need to move our angel care monitor to her crib tonight. Below are the pictures of her decorations and a picture of my sweet baby girl at 3 months old.

Here is the wall over her crib and next to it

That's right..the butterfly is a nightlight!! Thank you Aunt Mel!

This is the wall over the changing table

A close up of the tea set...It was all hand stitched for us by someone Josh works with

My sweet baby girl, sucking her thumb while she sleeps


  1. She's beautiful. What is an "angel care" monitor? Is that one of the ones that goes in the crib and beeps if she stops breathing?

  2. Thank you 8) Yes it is, we've had it since my 2yr old was a baby. I have a huge fear of SIDs and it helps to ease my mind.

  3. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. your daughter is ADORABLE, but not good for my already raging baby fever!! :) I cant' handle another one but could really use some newborn cuddles. Maybe time to volunteer in the nursery at church!
    happy 3 months@@@

  4. She is PRECIOUS! that pic is pure sweetness! Her room looks great!

    Thanks for the follow- following back (hopefully - I had some trouble with the page loading!)

  5. Thanks for following my blog! You little girl is darling, and, yes, don't these moments just fly by, when you know they are the last? Following you back now and can't wait to read more.

  6. so cute! thanks for the follow, following you back, laura

  7. She is so cute. I love her name. I am following you back from the blog hop. Im going to do a post soon abuot couponing adn how to maximize your savings.