Thursday, February 10, 2011

My American Idol Favorite

Sorry Chris Medina, while I love your voice, and your story truly touched my heart, someone bumped you down into second place last night. My favorite for American Idol is James Durbin. He was the last audition of the night on last night's American Idol in San Francisco. When he first started to tell his story and he mentioned his dad died when he was 9 years old from a drug overdose I cried for him. But then he went on to talk about being diagnosed with Aspergers and Tourette's Syndrome. By this point I was chocked up with tears and my heart broke for him and what he had to overcome as a little boy.

My oldest son Austin has ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome. While I could pick up on James's tics they are minor compared to my son's full body tic. My son actually has 3 motor tics along with a vocal one, but his full body is the easiest to see. In fact, it's pretty darn hard to miss it. When James went on to talk about how other children would tell him to "cut that out, stop that" and how he couldn't and he was beat up in school, I was bawling. Austin has mentioned more then once that the kids at school make fun of him for his tic. I would do anything to make sure my baby wasn't made fun of for something that is beyond his control. I am so happy that James has found a loving, supportive woman that loves him for him. I hope my son is just as lucky one day.

Then they had James sing for the judges. He blew me away, he has a beautiful, powerful voice. After his first song, he asked Steven Tyler if he could sing Dream On. He did a phenomenal job. I really hope he goes far with his singing and I hope American Idol gives him the push that he needs to succeed. He has a beautiful little boy that he is trying to provide for.

In case you missed it, and you want to see his story and performance, you can see it here James Durbin on You Tube.

And if you're interested in more information about Tourette's Syndrome you can find that here on Wikipedia.

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