Thursday, February 17, 2011

Science Fair Success!

Being in 5th grade, it was required for Austin to have a science fair project. It basically decided his science grade for this Trimester. But for Jaidan, being in 3rd grade it was optional. She asked if she could do one, and of course we said yes! We are all about helping furthering their education, and with a momma who is a bit of a science geek herself, I want to encourage it in my children.

We learned a few things after seeing other kids science fair projects. We should make the heading for each section separate from the topic, rather then putting it all together like we did. We should also use a bigger font so it takes up more room on the board, so the board doesn't look as empty. So those are things for us to remember for next year. But I am proud to say that every single word that was put on their boards were my children's own words....not ours.

Austin's is the one on the left, Jaidan's on the right. With every single person in his class submitting a science fair project (and we all know there are some parents out there that do the projects for their kids...) competition was stiff. Austin's was not one of the one's chosen from his classroom to compete in the school science fair. Regardless, I am still very proud of him. He thought of everything on his own, and he did it all on his own, despite his moanings and mumblings about having to do it LOL. He was very frustrated that I had him write everything out on paper before he typed it on the computer.

Jaidan's story is a bit different. Because it was only voluntary, only 2 other children besides her submitted a science fair project in her classrooom. Jaidan's project was one of the two selected from her classroom to go on to the school science fair. I don't know how many 3rd grade projects there were total for her school, but Jaidan wound up getting 2nd place!! Because of this, Jaidan's project was selected to go on to the district science fair! We are so proud of her!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call that there would be an awards ceremony for the district science fair. So we changed our plans for the evening, I packed up all 4 kids and headed to the science fair. They had a viewing time before they announced the participants in each grade level and then announced the winners. They also announced the 9 representatives going on to the county science fair. My husband met us there, he had to go there straight from work. Jaidan was 1 of 9 3rd graders at the district science fair. They had a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and then Honorable Mention. Jaidan got Honorable Mention, and she is SO proud of her ribbon, as are we!
Here she is with her project at the district science fair

Her Honorable Mention Ribbon

I'm very proud of Austin and Jaidan for the time and effort that they put into their science fair projects. I look forward to next year...even if it did get a bit hectic there at the end!

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