Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Ramblings

Just an update on things that have been going on in my life. I've uploaded some pictures to the Baked Pork Chops recipe. As I make the dishes I already have posted I will take pictures to add to them. I have a few more recipes I plan on adding in this week. They are recent recipes I made, so I made sure to take some pictures. Even tho I just recently started to blog, it has easily become a new addiction for me. I love blogging and I love reading what all my new blogging friends are writing. I may not always comment, but I am reading 8)

Riley and I have been invited to a Pull Up Potty Dance Party on March 5th. I'm super excited to take him to this. I will definitely be posting a blog and pictures about that after it happens. I can't wait. We are semi potty training with Riley at the moment. It's so frustrating because once he gets in the bathroom, he doesn't want to leave....ever. We have literally spent over an hour in the bathroom before we finally make him leave, which of course involves him screaming and crying because he doesn't want to put his pants back on, or leave the bathroom. None of my other kids did this, so this is all new to me. Maybe we can get some useful tips at the party.

Jaidan had her awards ceremony for making it to the district science fair on Weds. Then on Friday she brought home her 2nd place ribbon from the school science fair. She's spent all weekend in he room tho, since she can't ever seem to pick it up. One day she'll get her room clean and keep it that way.

Austin has been learning about the Revolutionary War in school. So on Friday he went on a field trip to Riley's Farm. He had a blast. He got to see a blacksmith making items, which was something he had already shown some interest in. He was explaining to me how the blacksmith was making the different items, he didn't really talk about much else, I think it was his favorite part lol. They are also an apple orchard and always have different things going on. I'd like to take a trip there this summer with all the kids. Austin was caught stealing my fudge that was hidden in my bedroom, so he's grounded now.

The kids have the ENTIRE week off of school next week. That's right the entire week, and no, it's not for spring break. Instead of getting President's day off, they get Presidents week. Then they still get spring break off at the end of march. The schools reason for giving them the week off? Because they start school early (in mid August) but they go until June (usually the 2nd week). Umm...ok, then why don't you skip Presidents week and let them out of school earlier for the year? It's bad enough that my kids already have a half day every single Weds. Ok, enough on my rant about the kids school.

Aislinn....well, we had a weight check for her on Friday. She's only 7lbs 12ozs. While it was a 4oz gain, they still don't like how little she weighs. We jumped through all these hoops and had 14 vials of blood drawn from Riley because of his weight. Now here we are going through it all over again with Aislinn. Same shit, different drs and different child. Her dr says they like to see a pound a month. Well, Riley only weighed 16lbs 4ozs at a YEAR old. Yes, I have friends who had babies the same time I had Aislinn who's babies now already weigh more then Riley did at a year old. What can I say? I have small babies. Look at their 20 I was 92lbs. I had to get a weight waiver to join the Navy because I was under weight. My husband was a scrawny little kid too in High School. He didn't start to 'fill out' until later in High School. My mom...she was 83lbs at age 30 when she married my dad! My Mother In Law...she's a small lady is her mom. Who cares about your stupid charts...I know I don't. It's called genetics, they do play a part in your child's size. But because I breastfeed and she's not on their charts they are freaking out. We have an appointment with a GI specialist on March 1st. Her dr said she wouldn't do any testing and would leave it all up to the GI dr. If he wants to do testing, he'll explain to use why and we go from there. If he doesn't, then her dr won't either. If the GI dr comes back and says she is just a small baby, then her dr won't bug us about her weight anymore. So that is where we are with Aislinn. We won't see her pediatrician again until her 4 month well baby check.

Well, that's it for now 8) I have to run out to Wal-mart for a few things. Trying a new recipe tonight for Chicken Tortilla Soup! Mmm Mmm good!

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