Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A day of remembrance

Today is a day of remembrance for me. Not for just 1 loved one, but for 2.

My Granddaddy passed away on February 8th 1990. He was my grandfather on my dad's side, and the only grandfather I ever knew. He lived in Kentucky, and we lived in Arizona, so I didn't know him as well as I would have liked, but I loved and still love him with all my heart.
I can still remember what he looked like, but I can't remember his voice. My Granddaddy had a sweet tooth, I am pretty sure it is where Austin gets his from. I can still remember playing checkers with him in the basement of his house.

My Aunt Lois passed away on February 8th 1999. She was my mom's best friend growing up, and then they married brother's and became sister-in-laws too. Aunt Lois was the matriarch of the family. We didn't always go up for Christmas, but we always drove up to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. There would always be 30 or more people at Thanksgiving dinner. I still remember visiting Phoenix and seeing Aunt Lois sitting at the dining room table playing solitare while she smoked her cigarettes and drank her diet coke and ten high on the rocks (maybe it was wild turkey...or both!). Aunt Lois passed away from Cancer. She was told on a Weds that she had cancer. By that Friday she was at the hospital and on life support. That Monday (the 8th) she was taken of life support and she passed away. She has 4 beautiful granddaughters that she never got to meet.

Granddaddy, Aunt Lois, wherever you are, I love you and you are still missed. RIP

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