Sunday, March 2, 2014


We have germination in my greenhouse!!  Yay!  Some of the stuff popped up so quickly, like the kale, spinach, and wax beans!  Some of the herbs have too, but they are still itty bitty, but I have to transplant the veggies already.

The kale and spinach are almost touching the top of the greenhouse already, it's crazy how quickly they jumped up once they germinated.  The wax beans are doing great too, but my initial concern about how well they would do in the greenhouse was right.  the space is way too small for them.

We went to Lowe's tonight to get the wood for my raised garden bed, so I also bought some windowsill  planters to transplant them into.  I got 1 for each the wax beans, spinach and kale.  With the beans I only planted 6, 1 in each space, so they will take up 1 planter with some decent spacing for each plant.  The Kale I planted 12, and all 12 have already sprouted, so that was why I got it it's own.  Not all 12 of the spinach have sprouted yet, but they may down the road.

Tomorrow I will work on transplanting the veggies.  I'll post pictures once I am done.  I also checked out the prices on some cinder blocks, I think I am going to use them to do the raised bed for my herbs, because I want a separate herb garden and veggie garden.  I'll buy those next weekend or the weekend after and set that all up.

You can see lots of little sprouts, this picture was from yesterday.

The kale, spinach, and wax beans

Some of the herbs.

So excited to watch it all grow!

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