Monday, March 3, 2014

Crepe Success!!

For Jaidan's upcoming 12th birthday party I wanted to make crepe's for breakfast the next morning, since it will be a sleep over (she is inviting 7 friends…so we may wind up with 8 preteen/tween girls, someone please save us!).  Crepe's go perfect with her Paris theme.

I was talking to my brother about it and about how I wish I knew how to make them.  Well, his fiancĂ© is Romanian, and she makes them all the time.  You can make Romanian pancakes and they are almost the exact same as crepes (it seems American's are actually the only ones..or one of the only ones... who make big fat fluffy pancakes..I looked around some LOL).  She found a recipe for me, that was already converted to American measurements for me (how cool was that?)

So for breakfast yesterday I whipped up a double batch for us for breakfast.  Riley wanted Peanut Butter on his, but everyone else wanted Nutella.  Josh and the kids also had either Strawberries or Blackberries on the side too.  The crepes were a HUGE hit, everyone loved them, so they are a go for the birthday party too!  We'll offer jelly, peanut butter, and nutella for them and I'll get some more fresh fruit to offer on the side for anyone who wants any.

My yummy Nutella crepe…before I demolished it.

Have you ever made crepe's before?

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