Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Homemade invites!

For my daughter's upcoming Paris themed birthday party I decided to make the invitations myself.  With the help of Hobby Lobby I got some stamps, ink and some pretty cool paper.

I just cut the paper into quarters with fancy scissors and then used the stamps.  I made all of them different, so they each had a unique touch to them.

After talking to some friends, I decided to add a bit of bling to them too.  I wanted to add little bows, but none of my ribbon was small enough…plus I'm not very good at making bows!  I also didn't have any rhinestones, but I did have some raised foam glitter stickers that I was able to use.

I must say, I think they came out pretty good!  Jaidan really liked them, and that's the important thing!

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