Monday, March 10, 2014

Garden Transplants

I already had to transplant a lot of stuff out of my greenhouse!  It's kind of crazy.

My wax beans are growing SUPER fast and at this point in time I am pretty sure that I planted them WAY to early.  It's still too cold to put them outside, we're a few weeks away from our last frost day but they are big enough to be outside LOL.  I may just have to plant new ones from seed closer to time.

I also transplanted my spinach and my kale.  I know the kale is considered a cold weather plant, I think spinach is too, but I need to double check.  If they both are they can both go outside this week along with the broccoli and cauliflower that I bought already grown some (they are both cool weather plants).

I also had to transplant my cilantro and my sage too!  The cilantro will stay in the container that it is in and will also stay indoors.  The sage will eventually be transplanted to the garden outside.  I may have planted too much sage too...oops!  On the bright side I can always see if a friend wants some for their own gardens.

Here are some pictures from a few days ago when I did the transplanting.

My wax beans the day I transplanted them.



Some of my wax Beans 3 or 4 days after I transplanted them!  They are even bigger now.

I guess I forgot to take pictures of the Cilantro and the Sage, but I will be sure to get some pictures next time!

If you have started seeds, how are they doing?

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