Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Official!!

I am a college student...again LOL. I took some time off when we were trying to get pregnant, and then during my pregnancy. The fall semester starts August 15th. I'll be taking Health 102, Biological Principles of Health. Not really a class I wanted to take, especially since I am only taking one class right now. But it completes my requirement for Health and Wellness for my degree, so it meets a need. Plus it's on Thursday nights from 7-9:50. That was the main thing, finding a night class that also fit my schedule. Football and cheer practice for the kids starts August 1st and is 5 nights a week for the entire month. In September practices will drop to 3 days a week, so I only have to worry about my first 2 classes.

Hopefully next semester I can try to squeeze in 2 classes. It's just crazy to even think about 2 classes this semester with football/cheer, plus I am going to Arizona for a wedding in Nov, my youngest 2 turn 1 and 3 in Nov, my In Laws are hopefully coming out in Nov for the birthday parties, and my mom is coming out for the birthday parties and Thanksgiving. Throw in the Christmas holidays and my oldest turning 12 in Dec, right after finals, and I have a full plate.

Are you going to school in the Fall?

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  1. I am teaching college in the fall!! I am excited so it totally counts!