Friday, July 15, 2011

Cloth Diaper Question!

Ok ladies, I need some advice please! Aislinn is a super duper HEAVY night time wetter. We have been using disposables at night because NONE of our diapers cut it at night. We have Fuzzibunz, Kawaii, and Oh Katy diapers in our stash. We do double stuff them, and she just leaks every where. I got tired of constantly washing her sheets, so we have been putting her in disposables at night for the last week. The Oh Katy's seem to be the best of the bunch when it comes to night time, but it still doesn't cut it.

Do any of you have heavy night time wetters? If so, what do you use for bed time? Our stash isn't complete yet, so I am open to suggestions of a good brand to try for at night. If you don't have a heavy wetter, have you heard of a diaper that worked for a friend? Do you have any suggestions that we could try with our current diapers outside of double stuffing them at night? Thank you for any tips!! It is greatly appreciated!

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