Saturday, July 9, 2011

Calling all Wine Connoisseur's

I've been wanting to take up the fine art of wine drinking for a while now, but with 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding it was not something I could really do. Since Aislinn has self weaned I am free to drink whatever I want now LOL.

I'm looking for advice from others who enjoy wine. I know I like White Zinfadel, I usually buy Berringer or Sutter Home. I don't think I've tried any other blushes. This past weekend I tried a Pinot Grigio, it was ok, but I have no clue what brand it was. I also tried some Chardonnay which I did like. I know I don't like anything too dry. Many many years ago I tried a Merlot, which I did not like....but it was a very cheap bottle of wine, so maybe that was why LOL. I have tried some various white and red wines over the years at Thanksgiving dinners with my extended family in Phoenix, but I have no clue what I was drinking LOL.

Bevmo is having their big .05 wine sale. So I figure now would be a good time to buy a few different ones to try out. So I am looking from suggestions for all of you!! What you suggest, or like and why.

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  1. Let's see.... I am not so much a connossieur so much as someone who is willing to try anything once, and tends to buy things with animals on the bottle. For wineries, I can recommend Ravenswood (some of their stuff more than others, but I'm pretty sure that is a personal preference thing). Gerwurtstraminer can be either dryish sweet or sweetish sweet, there's one in a blue bottle with a sun on it that is pretty good. Moscato d'Asti is a sweet wine that is fizzy (think desserts) and I haven't met one I didn't like. I drink a lot of reds, shiraz/syrah is a favorite -- tends to be less bitter than a merlot, look for ones that yammer about fruity flavor on the bottle. The wines with a kangaroo on the bottle are hit or miss (the whites are better than the reds, but meh), and the penguin ones are not good (white or red). Sangre de Toro (it has a plastic bull hanging off the bottle) is one of the things I buys as a standard red. When you are ready to experiment with making sangria or doing parties, I can highly recommend BlackBoxWines, but that's about $5 a bottle (4 bottles a box)... it's not box wines like we used to think about them. I tend to go into Trader Joe's or the wine store, pick a few different things I haven't had before, and try them. I havent bought wine in a while (we bought a case from the winery on Hawaii, and one from a winery we visited in VT, and some random bottles at the farmer's market/gifts, so we're good for now).