Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love Staples!!

Staples, along with many other stores have started their back to school deals.  Between their sales, their savings pass (which I will talk about), and my staples rewards I have gotten some SLAMMING deals this week (I have been to Staples Sun, Mon, and Tues this week HAHA).

First let me talk a bit about the Staples rewards program.  This program is free to join.  You earn 10% back on all Ink, toner, case and ream paper purchases.  You also earn 10% back on copies and printing.  You also earn $2 for every ink cartridge that you recycle with them, up to 10 a month (they will accept more then 10, but will only pay you for 10).  I love that I can get some of my money back!!  I buy all my ink and paper from them, and always recycle my ink with them.  Most of the time when I buy paper, they are running a rebate too, so my paper is very cheap or even free.  For more information on the Staples rewards program you can go HERE.

Next, let me talk about their Savings Pass.  The Savings Pass is something they have right now for back to school shopping.  It costs $10, but you save 15% on school (and office) supplies.  In fact, there's a whole list of everything you can save see the list go HERE.  It's good from June 10th to Sept 15th.  I just bought mine on Sunday and I have already saved $9.29, so it has already almost paid for itself!

Staples need ad started on Sunday, which means their back to school penny deals started!!  They have a 10 pack of bic pens, 24 count rose art crayons, and a bottle of staples school glue, all for a penny piece, limit 2 of each when you spend $5.  They also have several other items on sale too!

This is what I bought on Sunday:

Here's the break down of what I bought (everything was a limit of 4, except for the penny items which were limit 2)

Super Glue ~ $2.99, with a rebate for $2.99, limit 1 per household (FREE after rebate!)
Sharpies ~ $1 each X4
Bic dry erase markers ~ $1 each X4
Glue sticks ~ $1 each X4
Scissors ~ $1 each X2
Erasers ~ $.50 each X 4
Mechanical pencils ~ $.25 each X4
Bic pens ~ $.01 each X2
Rose Art crayons ~ $.01 each X2
Staples school glue ~ $.01 each X2

PLUS I saved 15% on everything too!

I spent $15.35, saved $65.40, a savings of 81%!!

I went back on Monday.  Crazy I know, but they have ream paper on sale for $6.99 with a $6.74 rebate, making them $.25 after rebate (limit 2 per household).  You can also save 15% with the savings pass...meaning after rebate they are paying you $.80 to take it out of the store!!!  I only bought 1, even tho it was limit 2, since I did have 2 reams of paper at home (which is why I didn't buy it the first time, but I decided it was just too good to pass up!)

So, here is what Monday's transaction looked like (btw, Staples is less then 5 mins from my house!):

Here is the break down:

Paper ~ $6.99 with a $6.74 rebate, limit 2 per household (They are paying me $.80 after rebate!)
Mechanical pencils ~ $.25 each X4 (my kids are always asking for mechanical pencils so I stocked up!)
Bic Pens ~ $.01 each X2
Rose Art Crayons ~ $.01 X2
Staples school glue ~ $.01 X2

PLUS I saved 15% on everything too!

I spent $6.85 and saved $21.58 a 76% savings!  (I am getting back a $6.74 rebate technically all that for $.11?  woo too!)

Finally my Tuesday trip!  I went on Tuesday, because I had been checking my Staples rewards to see if they had come in yet, and they were finally available on Tuesday.  The Charmin Basic was on sale for $5.99 (normally $9.99) and I wanted to use my rewards to get some for free.  So when my rewards showed up, I went right over to get my toilet paper.  

Here is my fabulous Tuesday trip!

Here is the break down:

Toilet Paper ~ $5.99 each X6
Bic pens ~ $.01 each X2
Rose art crayons ~ $.01 each X2
Staples school glue ~ $.01 each X2

I figured, since I was already over the $5 may as well grab the penny items again.  I also saved 15% on my toilet paper with my savings pass!!  My Staples rewards was for $30.20.

I spent $.41 and saved $67.01 a savings of 99%!!!

Over all I spent a total of $21.61 and I saved a total of $153.99, a savings of 87%!  I am also getting back $9.73 in rebates, which will put my final out of pocket at $11.88, saving $163.72 a savings of 94%!!

I am super excited about my toilet paper (I only paid $.35 for 96 rolls!!), but I also got great savings on school supplies and supplies for our arts and crafts box!!  This also means, once the school year starts I will be able to donate needed items to the teachers, once I find out what they are looking for.  I can't wait to see what great sales Staples has next week!  I am excited to see what their penny sales will be!

Have you started back to school shopping yet?

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