Saturday, April 25, 2015

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall (DIY)

So, I have been wanting to do a chalkboard wall for while now.  I REALLY want to do one in the playroom, ever since we bought our house I have planned to.  But I want to paint all the walls before I do the chalkboard, but we need to build a wall up there before we paint the walls.  We have a stainless Steel fridge, which means we can't stick magnets to the front of it.  So I figured I would paint the panel on the pantry door with chalkboard paint, so I could have a place for grocery lists.  Unfortunately my pantry door is like my front door and doesn't have a solid panel in the middle (like my cabinet doors do).  However, I do have a short wall right across from the pantry door, that is next to my fridge!!

I went to Lowe's and got some Valspar Chalkboard paint, they have 250 colors to choose from.  I wanted to match my Kitchenaid Mixer and my olive oil holder, kitchen towels, etc.  While I was talking to the guy helping me and asking him questions, he told me they sold a magnetic primer that would make my chalkboard magnetic.  Even better?  It was on clearance!

The next day I taped everything and sanded the wall.  Then I went to use the primer.  It was SO thick and sludgy, super nasty.  I stirred it, I shook it, I even took it out to my drive way and rolled it around super quick.  Nothing seemed to help!  So I took it back to Lowe's and had them mix it for me (which everyone who buys magnetic primer should have done before they use it)

A lot of the reviews I read about the Primer said that even with multiple coats (they recommend 3 light coats) it did not work at all, or barely worked.  I think this is because they didn't get it mixed up enough and all their iron shavings were on the bottom.  Getting mine mixed by Lowe's made all the difference I think.  I did the 3 coats, and not only did a magnet stick, but it could hold up a piece of paper too (which most people said it wouldn't do).

They said it was suppose to be dark grey…but it came out black for me.  You're suppose to wait 4 hours before you do a top coat, so I waited til the next day since I finished this too late at night.  The next day I painted the chalkboard paint over it.  They recommend 2 coats, but after 2 coats you could still kinda see the primer in some parts.  I was really worried that if I added any more coats if would affect the magnetism, but I added one more coat.  It looked great after 3 coats, and the magnetism wasn't affected at all!

Finally I removed the tape, and then I had to 'prime' the chalkboard.  You need to take a piece of chalk and turn it on its side and cover the entire chalkboard with chalk before you use it.

Then Voila!  You have a magnetic Chalkboard in your kitchen (or whatever room you put it in)!

I only used maybe a fourth of the cans of paint too, so I have tons left over!  I absolutely love it!

Do you have a chalkboard wall, or are you thinking of painting one?

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