Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hidden Jelly Bean Cake (Easter Cake)

For Easter I made a Hidden Jelly Bean Cake.  I saw a video for it on Facebook, and it looked really neat.  I tried to find the video again later and couldn't find it, but I had a general idea of how to do it.  I found a pin on Pinterest, but they had directions for making your own cake etc, and while the general idea was the same, I didn't want to make my own cake LOL.

I had an orange dreamsicle and a pink lemonade cake mix that I wanted to use.  I thought the colors would be great for an Easter cake.  I also made home made cream cheese frosting for the cake.  This frosting is seriously the best frosting I have ever tasted, it is my go to frosting now.

First I baked the orange dreamsicle cake.

Then I cut the cake in half, to form 2 layers.  I used a cup to cut a circle out of 1 of the layers.

I put the layer without the hole on the bottom, then added a layer of frosting and put the layer with the hole on top of that and added another layer of frosting.

Then I baked the pink lemonade cake.  I also cut it in half for another 2 layers.

I cut a hole in one of those layers too and put that layer on top of the frosted layer.  Then I filled the cavity with jelly beans, then I put a layer of frosting and put the top layer on the cake.

Once I had the cake stacked, I frosted the entire thing.  Then I used some blue sixlets to 'finish' off the bottom (I already had these in my baking stockpile).  Then I sprinkled the top with some pink edible glitter.

When I cut the cake open to serve it for dessert, the kids had a great surprise when they saw the jelly beans inside!  I cut very skinny pieces, since it was a 4 layer cake.  The final picture is after I served all 6 of us.

It was a lot of work, but a huge hit with everyone!!!

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