Thursday, November 8, 2012

Insta GC

Instagc is a site I just joined on October 8th.  I am LOVING this site!  I have already cashed out $48 in Amazon gift cards!!  Seriously!  I get free gift cards just for doing offers.  I only do free offers, and they have a TON to pick from.  You can even watch videos to earn points.  They have a chat feature, so you can talk to other members and they are all so friendly and helpful, they will answer your questions and will even tell you what offers are crediting quickly.

Now, this site does take a tiny bit of work.  You can sign up with your normal email, but you'll want to make some email accounts for doing your offers.  Basically you just want to clear cookies and use different emails to help your offers credit better.  I write down what offers i do with which email address, so if I need to conform something I can.  Doing it this way also avoids spam to your regular email inbox too.  But this is a quick and easy way to make money.

You earn 10 points when a referral signs up and confirms their email address.  After that you earn 10% of what they earn.  This particular site is 1 account per household.

They also don't have just amazon gift cards too!  They have Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Old Navy, Game Stop, Starbucks, and more!!  And the best part?  It's instant payment!!!  I select the gift card I want, and then they give me my code right then and there!!  THAT is awesome!!!

Now is the perfect time to join and earn a little extra money to help pay for Christmas!  You can join me by clicking on one of the banners on the page, or on the hyper link above.

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