Friday, February 14, 2014

Riley's Valentine's

I know I did these same Valentine's for Jaidan last year, but they are so cute, and I thought they were perfect for Riley's preschool class so we did them again!

You can see my original post about making the crayons here, and you can see my original post on the actual Valentine's here.

I did do a few things a bit different this year.  Instead of cutting the crayons on the cutting board with a knife, I used a hammer and a bag.  Both ways are time consuming and I don't think either one is really any better then the other LOL.  Ok, well maybe I only did 1 thing different!  On to the pictures!

All ready to start!

Ready for the oven

Liquidy crayon goodness!

Heart crayons!

The finished Valentine!  Riley wrote his name on the back.

Did you do any DIY Valentines this year?  I would love to see them/read about them!

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