Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Last Weds the kids and I planted some strawberry seeds…well, actually some is an understatement, I think we planted about 75-100 seeds between the 4 kids LOL.  But I know not nearly that many will actually germane and grow into plants.

I found these Strawberry planter kits at Big Lots for $3 each, comes with the pot, soil, and the seeds, all we had to do was add water.  So of course I grabbed one for each kid, and they all happily planted seeds, even my teenager :)

I know it's a lot of pictures to look at, but I had to take pictures of all the kids!  I hope you like them :)

Riley waiting for the soil to absorb all the water

Riley's ready for seeds!

Itty Bitty seed ready to be planted

Riley helping to plant his seeds

Aislinn's turn!

Soooo tiny!

Jaidan's turn!

She did her own soil.

Lots of seeds!

Spreading them around.

Austin's turn!

Lots of seeds to plant!

He did his own soil too.

All done!

Ta Da!!!  4 pots of Strawberry seeds!

We are 1 week in now.  I have read mixed reviews.  1 person said it takes 21 days for the seeds to germinate, and someone else said 6-8 weeks!  Crazy!  So I guess we will just keep watering (well, more like misting to keep the soil damp) and see what happens!  Hopefully we will see something in the next 2 weeks or so!

Are you growing anything this year?  Just plants or are you starting anything from seed?

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