Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Update, Week 3

Sorry this update is late!  I was very, very sick most of that week, and then I headed to Vegas for the weekend with my Mom!  But I am now home, and feeling much better.  So today I sat down and found my few receipts so I could do this post.  I only made 2 shopping trips that week, and 1 of them my hubby did, because I was too sick to go, but my coupons were expiring that day!  Isn't he great?

So, for this week I spent $21.37 ($27.47 with tax) and saved $101.99 a savings of 82.68%!  I stocked up on Pull Ups with a great coupon and a good deal at CVS!

Since I only had 2 trips, I only have a picture of the 1st trip, since I wasn't going to make hubby take a picture of what he bought too LOL.

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