Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly update, Week 1

Sorry I am 2 days late for my first weekly update, but I needed to tweak my excel spreadsheet that my hubby built for me to use.  That's right, my hubby is so amazing he  made an excel spreadsheet with all the breakdowns that I wanted, and even set it up to give me weekly, monthly, and annual totals!!

So, for week 1, I spent $62.04 ($69.98 after tax) and I saved $307.71 an average savings of 83.22%! I didn't take pictures of everything that I bought, but I will share a few pictures with you. (every week I will share some of the pictures with you, but not all.)

*did a small edit to update my numbers, I found some missing receipts that I had to add in.

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