Saturday, January 5, 2013

Insane in the membrane

Insane in the membrane, Insane in the brain...I can't help but think of that song when I think of Insanity by Beach Body.  You may be asking, what exactly IS Insanity?  It's a 60 day DVD workout program that is put out by Beach Body (they also do Slim in 6 and P90X, I am sure you have probably heard of one of those before).  I got it for Christmas, per my request.  This is the work out program I plan on completing this year.

If you take before and after pictures and submit them at the end of the program they give you a T-shirt.  One of my goals (and new years resolutions) is to earn that T-shirt.  the ONLY way to get it is to earn it and submit your pictures.  I'd like to lose 21-31 pounds over all, so this will be a huge help, plus it will help me build some muscles.

Today I did my first fit test.  You do a fit test before you start and then every 2 weeks during the program.  I can't wait to see my numbers go up!  Let me tell you, the fit test alone kicked my booty!  There are 8 exercises in total and I puked between numbers 6 and 7!  Talk about crazy!

I am excited to do the program and to see my results at the end of it!  Maybe I'll even post an after picture (tho I doubt you will be lucky enough to see the before picture).  Bring on the pain (but please, no more puking!)

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