Thursday, March 10, 2011

This n That ~

As you all know from my post about Aislinn, things have been pretty hectic around here lately. I just wanted to do a quick update about everything else 8)

Austin and Jaidan went to the dentist last week. More bad usual. Austin had 2 Abscessed teeth, luckily they were baby teeth, so they got pulled. Jaidan had her first 2 cavities. We went back yesterday and Jaidan got her cavities filled. We did one with the metal filling, since it's a baby tooth, the other one we did a composite on (whatever that is LOL). She had 1 tooth that didn't quite form right, and it had a crack in it (it looked like) we were told last year. Well, she got a cavity in that tooth and the dentist was worried that if he drilled it for a filling that it might shatter apart. So they recommended the composite, it could be done without drilling, or numbing her, and since we had dual insurance, it was covered. Over the weekend (i believe) Austin also lost a loose tooth. So we are now 3 baby teeth closer to his braces.

Riley seems to have a new favorite movie...Cars. We have already watched it 3 times today, twice yesterday, twice on Sunday, and then I think we watched it once on Friday and on Saturday too LOL. For a while we were rotating between The Bee Movie, The Furious Five, and Kung Fu Panda, but now it's all about Cars.

Riley is also starting to learn more animals 8) The other day he pointed to a Giraffe and called it a Dinosaur. I told him it was a Giraffe and then showed him some more Giraffes, so he get's it right now. He loves to point out the Elephants on one of his blankets, and the Zebra's. Today I showed him the Flamingos. I guess I will see if he remembers the Flamingos later on today.

I got the kids report cards this week! Jaidan did pretty good, mostly 3's (yes our schools are super lame-o and don't use letter or percentage grades) She does still need to work on not talking, turning in her homework, using class time wisely, etc. We have an appt for her on March 23rd to be assessed for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder...not to be confused with ADHD, my daughter is NOT hyper). Austin had all 3's and everything was satisfactory, including turning in his homework!! That is something we have struggled with for ever LOL. I think his new dr is on the right track with him. He was put back on Concerta in January and his grades have already improved! I am sad that his tics are back and not controlled by his meds right now, but his report card is proof that we made the right choice in treating his ADHD over his Tourette's. We are still in the process of changing up his meds, his dr wants to get him down onto only 2 meds (which I LOVE), so it's still a work in progress, but I am happy to be seeing results already. We go back to his dr on April 6th, at which point we will have removed 3 of his meds.

I am anxiously awaiting my first 2 cloth diapers!! We ordered a Kawaii to test out and see if we like it, and I won a free Fuzzi Bunz in a give-away. Hubby has already said that if I like the Kawaii I can go ahead and order a stash and get started with cloth diapering. If not, we'll try another brand. I am very excited to be trying out cloth diapering with Aislinn.

Jaidan's 9th birthday is coming up on the 19th. I am super excited. The presents from Grandma have already arrived, and our present we ordered on Amazon is on it's way. I paid for over half the present using my free gift cards for Amazon that I earned through Swagbucks. We already have her other presents. We are doing an ICarly theme, all the party supplies are in the mail too. We are going to surprise her and serve spaghetti tacos at her party. I can't wait to see her reaction!!

Well....I think that is all for now 8) I plan to be posting up a recipe or two in the next few days.

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  1. Right on with the spaghetti tacos.

    I also think I'm going to investigate this Swagbucks... you seem to be very jazzed about it.