Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 1

I've been wanting to do the 31 day picture challenge, but I decided to wait until March 1st to do it. I can be a bit scatterbrained at times, and this just makes it easier for me to keep track of what day I am on since there are 31 days in March 8)

Day 1 ~ A picture of yourself with 10 facts
Not the best picture in the world...but not bad for a self portrait!

  1. I LOVE Taco Bell, they are my favorite fast food restaurant
  2. I have a tattoo of the Aquarius Constellation on my back I got done in Singapore...It's a black light tattoo
  3. Speaking of tattoos, I have 11, I want at least 4 more and of those 4 I already know what 3 of them will be and where
  4. I was a band geek and played the flute from 4th grade through my senior year and also in boot camp
  5. I use to have my own business selling my handmade bead jewelry when I lived in Washington
  6. I use to live and work in Tombstone, Arizona
  7. My favorite color is green
  8. I LOVE dolphins
  9. I was in Time's Square for the 1999/2000 New Years
  10. My best friend and I have matching tattoo's that we designed ourselves and got to celebrate being best friends for 10 years...that was 7 years ago

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