Friday, June 7, 2013


You are probably asking me, "What is Bubblews?"

Well ,let me tell you, it is a pretty new site that I found recently, that is different from most sites that I do.  I get paid for writing articles, about whatever I want!  They of course earn ad revenue, and they share those earnings with you for you writing content.  You get paid for every view, like, comment, and social media share that you get!!!  You know me, after I write a post, I like it, and I share it on google +, Twitter, and Facebook so I can boost my earnings a bit!

You can make connections with other people too,  So as you read and like and comment on their posts, they in turn will do the same for you.  If you make a connection with someone it will let you know when they post new content.

Cash out is at $25.  I am already up to $9.85 after 1 week.  I am noticing you make more connections and interact with more people, you in turn have more people interacting with you....and you earn money faster!

You are not allowed to ask other's to like or share your content tho, that can get you in trouble.

When you refer someone you do get something when they do their very first post, but that is it.  A few days ago it was $.20, right now as I write this it is $.50.

So, why don't you check it out and see what it is all about?

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