Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I have a couple of different projects that I found on Pintrest that I am going to be doing for, and with the kids!  I'm so excited for some of these!

I already posted about the Homemade Finger Paints.  I actually already made those.  I will do a post about them and post pics, hopefully this weekend.  I can't upload any pics from my camera until I get the new computer.

I am also going to be doing the Recycled Newspaper Beads that I posted about earlier too.  Jaidan and I are going to work on that.  We are going to make her hanging beads for her bedroom door.  I got the paint today for them.  She is going to be doing bright pink and bright purple on black string.

Next is Modge Podge!  I'm going to need it for Jaidan's bead's.  I found a DIY on Pintrest that I am going to do to save some money!  As we all know, I am all about saving money!

I'll be making some cheap and super easy bookmarks for Austin and Jaidan! These are so easy and inexpensive that I'll be able to make them whenever I need to, as often as I need to for them.  No more folding the book corner to save their places (Jaidan, I'm talk to you!).

I'll also be making a Mind Jar for Austin!  I'm really excited to make this and have Austin try using it.  He knows what it is, and why we are making it, and he's willing to try it.  He picked out the glitter (you can tell by the BRIGHT Orange lol).  Hopefully this will work to calm him down when he's's worth a try, right?

I'll do posts and put up pictures for all these things as we do them so you can see them all too!

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