Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mac or PC?

My husband and I are both in desperate need of a new computer.  His just died one day several months ago.  Mine was slowly dying for about 6 months.  Now it seems to be permanently blue screened.  Right now, I'm on a very old, slow, lap top that we have.

There is no doubt that he will be getting another PC.  But, I am debating between switching from a PC to a Mac.  I am getting into Photography, now that I have a real camera.  I have heard in the past, that Mac's are the best for Photography.  But a really good friend recently told me it really all depended on the hardware, the software would be the same regardless of the computer. 

I know that Mac's are more expensive, not upgradable, and more expensive to have fixed.  I rarely, if ever upgrade my computer.  I did, back when I was a hard core gamer, but those days are behind me.  I figure that if I'm going to do the switch, I should do it now.  Who knows how many years it will be before I buy a new computer again.  But, I want to make an informed decision, either way.  So I am looking for some input.  Everyone I know who has a Mac loves it.

We're hopefully buying our new computers next weekend, after my husband get's his bonus paycheck.  So, my question to you is, Mac, or PC, and why? 


  1. PC. Macs are a nightmare to upgrade. Also there are more hardware/software conflicts than with a PC.

  2. Let me state that I haven't used a PC since 1998 (when I switched to Unix) and I now use a Mac, just like everyone else I know (who isn't maintaining a Unix box). I use new PC's regularly in lab, and they just don't behave as well as Macs with large programs such as photoshop and illustrator (I do a lot of microscopy with large files). That said, you can do all the things you would want to do as a photographer on a PC as well. Since Macs are unix based, you can get a terminal window and get into the guts of the computer without ridiculous interfaces (or ftp). No matter what you buy, you will be happy because it will be faster than your old computer :) ... but keep in mind that MacOS is leaner than Windows so you get more computer for the same processing power and RAM.