Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts

Jaidan made her own Valentine's this year for her class and I sat down today with Riley and Aislinn and helped them each make something different for Daddy for Valentine's Day.

First up, Jaidan and I made some heart shaped crayons, which I posted about here.  Then, we used the print out provided by this blog.  We didn't have card stock, so we used white construction paper.  We had to cut half an inch off the sides so the paper would fit into our printer.  Here's a picture of the finished product!

Next up is Riley's craft for Daddy!  We had to use 4 pieces of paper, because he did his own writing and he was trying to write too big.  But, he finally did all the writing!!  Then Mommy drew a heart and put a little bit of glue on it at a time and Riley stuck the pasta to the glue!  Here's his finished product!

Finally we have Aislinn's craft!  Mommy did the most of the work, Aislinn just sat there and looked pretty LOL.  I painted Aislinn's feet, 1 at a time with finger paint, then I had her stand up and I placed her feet on the paper.  She made Daddy a heart using her feet!

The paint dried a bit lighter then I would have liked, but it still came out super cute!!!

Did you do any special crafts for Valentine's Day?

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