Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Spending/Savings

Wow, January has already come and gone.  Kinda crazy!  It seems this year has started off at a pretty fast pace, just like last year did.  I want to note that last year I tracked ALL my savings, every single time I used a coupon anywhere for anything.  This year, I am just tracking my grocery and drug store spending...basically just the items you would buy with your grocery or personal hygiene budget.  I want to give you a better idea of what I am saving (and spending) on every day items that you and I are both buying to support our families.

Well, here we go...In the month of January I spent a total of $236.05 ($263.70 after tax) and I saved $843.34, a savings of 78.13%!  That's right folks, I spent only $236 for a family of 6.

I will admit, there are a handful of bread and milk runs not included in this total,  but even those wouldn't add too much to my total.  This does however include a shopping trip specifically to buy items for the super bowl party that I went to.

On a side note, this morning my 13 year old son walked up to me before he left for school and told me he needed more deodorant.  I just went out to my garage, grabbed one from the shelf and gave it to him.  No adding it to my shopping list, no having to run out to get it for him today.  The best part?  It was a deodorant I had gotten for free!

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