Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do You Viggle?

I had heard of Viggle before, even downloaded it to my old phone, but never did anything with it.

Then, recently I saw some good friends using it and they love it, so I re-installed it on my new phone.

You may be asking, what exactly IS Viggle?  Well, Viggle is an app you can download on your phone (available in both the Itunes and Play Store), and you earn points for watching TV.  When you start to watch a show, open up your Viggle app, and click on the big V and it listens to your TV to see what you are watching, and then you are 'checked in".  You earn 1 point for every minute, so I just check in again at the end of the show (I just started yesterday, so I don't know if I'm watching a marathon if I can wait til the end or not, so I am doing the end of each show to be safe).

Now personally, I am not a huge TV watcher, the TV in my living room usually stays off til the older kids get home from school, sometimes even until my husband get's home from work.  I do watch a lot of prime time TV shows at night tho.  But, I have my TV on right now, and I checked in so I can earn points.  It's not going to hurt me to have the TV on in the background so I can earn points while I am doing my stuff around the house.

They also have other ways to earn points.  Sometimes you can watch some short videos on the app for points.  Last night, while I watched Survivor and Revolution, I was able to play trivia about the shows and earn extra points that way too.  Oh, and I got bonus points just for checking into watch those shows! (I think it was 50 bonus points each!)  They also have some offers you can do for points, but I didn't even bother with those.  They give you 200 points to start with, and I ended the day yesterday already over 850.

They have all sorts of things you can redeem your points for too.  $10 Starbucks gift card, $25 gap gift card, a Kindle Fire HD, a Royal Caribbean cruise (LOTS of points for that one haha), Fandango movie ticket, and more.  This is just a handful of items form all their rewards lists.

So, do you Viggle?  If not, are you going to start to now?  I love easy ways to earn gift cards and other items!

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