Tuesday, August 14, 2012

June & July Savings!!!

Wow, I went to go do my post for July savings, and I realized I hadn't done my June savings post!  Sorry about that!  So, I will just combine the 2 right here.  On a side note, since we are moving this month to North Carolina, I am not tracking my August savings, it would just be too much work, and hard to keep track of through a move.

So here we go...June savings....


That is a great number!!  It does not include the $209 I saved while on vacation in San Diego, using coupons to see different attractions!  Why pay more on vacation if you don't have to?

Now, July was a fabulous month!  All the back to school sales started and I had some mad savings, and several rebates too!  here's my July savings!!


Yeah!! That is fantastic!  I'm really excited to see such good savings for July.  We have a great school supply stockpile enow, I'll be able to donate to my kids school to help them and still have supplies for our crafts box and for next year too.

Like I said, I won't be keeping track of my August savings (Tho I have had some phenomenal savings so far, especially on P&G products!).  I am excited to start tracking again in Sept tho, I will be in North Carolina and they double coupons there!  I will have to learn all the quirks for all the new stores, but it shouldn't take me too long.

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