Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How I make money from home

Hello friends! I have several ways that I make money from home. Some I have been doing for several months, some I have recently started. I'd like to share them with my friends and family. Using these websites I got my husband the brand new kindle touch for FREE ($99 value) using amazon giftcards and I got $55 worth of books for my kids for Christmas from Amazon for FREE also! You don't have to get amazon giftcards, that is just how I chose to get paid. I will start with the sites I have been with the longest. Here we go!

Swagbucks is the first website I use.  I started using them back in Jan.  I have earned $95 in Amazon giftcards from Swagbucks.  This is just doing it part time, heck, sometimes I go a few days without doing anything on it (I am a bit of a slacker lol).  People who spend more time on it actually earn $75 in amazon giftcards a MONTH!  My husband just started with them a little bit ago, because now they allow more then 1 account per household (it use to be only 1 per household) and he has earned $10 already.  There are several different ways to earn swagbucks.  You can watch SBTV, do surveys, find swag codes, daily polls, and of course, the main wins.  You just do your searches using their search and you randomly win swagbucks.  They have an entire swagstore you can redeem your swagbucks in.  You can do paypal, several different giftcards, and all sorts of items in various different departments.  If you'd like to check it out, here's my referral link (or click the highlighted swagbucks above)

Next up is Superpoints!  This is one of my favorites!!  This site is by invitation only!  I can post a few invite links, but they are only good for 7 days, or until they are used.  So you might have to actually contact me in order to get a token from me.  Basically with superpoints all you do is click the Super Lucky Button.  When you start off, you need to fill out your profile, this will give you 30 clicks a day on the super lucky button.  If you don't fill out your profile, you will only get 5 a day, and you just can't win very well with only 5 clicks a day.  Superpoints does start off a bit slow, getting a few referrals under you does help out.  When you get 2 referrals under you who fill out their profile then you become a gold member and you get 50 clicks a day on the super lucky button.  Also, every time anyone under you wins on the super lucky button you win the same amount!  NO CAP!  When you get 7 people under you who fill out their profile, you become a platinum member and you go up to 100 clicks a day.  I get 100 clicks a day, it takes me 20-30 mins to do my clicks.  That's all the time I need to spend on the website.  You also get a daily email from them with points in it, usually 1 or 2 pts, but sometimes 5, 10, 25, and once I even got a 75!  I just started in August and have already cashed out $60 in amazon giftcards!  Again you don't have to get amazon gift cards, they also have paypal, various other giftcards, and other rewards too.  My 11 year old son loves to click the button for me, so I don't even always have to do it, he sometimes does it for me.  This one is only 1 per household.  Here are a few invite tokens.

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  1. I love this I'm truly trying to get back into this stuff and glad I found Valoro.It's not a ton of money but hoping me spending half an hour a day on it will pay off. I just need the extra money!