Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've updated a few things here on my blog. My 100+ book challenge is up to date. I've fallen behind a bit, but am hoping to catch back up, I am really hoping to hit that 100 book mark!

I've also updated my PartyLite tab. It has the current scent of the month, Halloween Night, Mmm! Plus the August host specials 8)

I've also updated my Superpoints post with 5 new, current links. The links are only good for 7 days before they expire, so I put all brand new ones up just now.

We bought Aislinn a new car seat this weekend. She now has a convertible car seat. She was just getting too heavy for me to carry around in her infant seat! We have her 9 month well baby check on the 23rd. Hopefully the drs will be happy with her weight. I really don't want to have to jump through more hoops with them!

Football and cheer practice is in full swing! Josh is an assistant coach this year. We should find out sometime this week which team Austin will be on (Division 1 or Division 2). Yesterday was their first day with all their gear on, so the first day they worked on hits. Jaidan is going to be the flyer for her cheer squad this year. She will be the person they pick up when they do stunts. Being small does have some perks 8) She is very excited!

Well, that's about it for now! Got a lot going on the next few weeks. Going to a Pampered Chef party this weekend, Hubbies birthday is next week, having a Tupperware party next week, then going to Arizona Labor day weekend to do a PartyLite show for my mom and to see my bestie and her twincredibles. Actually, I'm excited to see her whole family, plus I need some 'bestie' time with my bestie.

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